California homeowners in wildfire areas struggle

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What is Delos?

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Insurance for homes in wildfire risk areas


Assess your home’s exact insurance needs


Automatically alert you of changing risk factors

Can you find affordable insurance?

Home insurance is very difficult to find in wildfire areas, but Delos is dedicated to solving that problem. We specialize in areas that don’t have many options; in fact, we can find a full insurance policy for every home in California.

But this is only the start. We are working on new catastrophe models that will allow us to understand risk at very high resolution. When they are ready, we’ll be able to offer affordable insurance that no other company can.


Does your insurance help you manage your risk?

The world is always changing: fire areas change, droughts come and go, sea levels rise, prices fluctuate. Your insurance should be helping you navigate this changing risk.

Delos automatically monitors your home’s risk, updating you when weather events are more likely in your area. We will also notify you of changes that protect your home and get you a discount.


Delos insurance features


Everyone knows they should review their coverage annually, but few people have the time. Delos continually reviews your policy year-round.

We’ll notify you whenever we see a change in your risk or find new discounts.


High risk insurance solutions

We have access to carriers that write full policies in high fire areas. If your fire line score is too high, we can get you full coverage through a combination of a DIC policy and the FAIR plan.

So no matter your brush level, get a quote today!



Delos charges no fees. Instead, we receive a standard commission for each policy we manage.

Don’t worry; we’ll never sell you something you don’t need! Happy customers stick around; it’s a win- win.


Our insurance carriers

We work with many carriers, and are continually adding more! See our full list here.




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