Delos Team Highlight: Spatial Informatics Group

Delos is fortunate to have some of the world’s most outstanding talent on our team, and we’re excited to highlight them in a series of posts. Today, we’re highlighting not just one individual, but a whole team of incredible scientists: Spatial Informatics Group.

Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) is an interdisciplinary think tank specializing in complex environmental geospatial problems. Their team includes dozens of PhD level academic researchers, data scientists, and geospatial analysts. These analysts are also specialists in fields such as landscape ecology and forestry, and are experts in using tools such as complex statistical analysis and data science, machine learning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial data mining, and dynamic spatial modeling.

Delos is partnered with SIG and works closely with their principal scientists to create our disaster models. These principal scientists are truly world-beating in their fields– they’re university professors who are also founders and directors of university research labs. They’ve published in the most prestigious academic journals and have have authored a long list of research papers that are frequently cited by the news media. They’ve been featured at UN Climate Change summits and conferences, and created models as a joint venture with NASA.

Besides such impressive academic achievements, these scientists also have a proven history of applying their research to industry. SIG has created models of wildfire and hurricane disaster risks for state, national, and international government agencies, NGO’s, private companies, and utilities. Among their many relevant projects is the creation of wildfire risk maps for Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission.

Partnering with SIG is an enormous privilege, and their extensive experience has allowed Delos to hit the ground running in creating our models. The rest of the Delos team has been floored by the brilliant work that they’ve done and continue to do, and we feel incredibly lucky to have them on our team!


Delos Team Highlight: Tom Pratt

Delos has been growing! We’ve added some outstanding talent to our team, and we’re excited to highlight them individually in a series of posts. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Tom Pratt, Director of Marketing and Government Relations.


We met Tom at an Insurtech conference and he immediately recognized how beneficial our technology would be for communities like his. He saw that someone was finally solving the long standing and frustrating problem of poor wildfire modeling in insurance, after spending years personally experiencing the impact of this problem– both as a professional and as a member of these communities.

Tom is deeply experienced in insurance and passionate about civic engagement. The combination of the two has provided powerful value in his role at Delos. He’s sold billions of dollars worth of insurance throughout his career, and has also developed relationships with key decision makers in the state government. This includes the Insurance Commissioner, Cal Fire chiefs, and the California Tree Mortality Task Force Insurance Subgroup. Thus Delos was able to engage with these decision makers early, which dramatically impacted our progress, professional network, and company roadmap.

Tom realized early on that Delos is not only helping individual homeowners in California, but also helping solve a political issue. In the aftermath unexpectedly devastating wildfires, many insurers have been pulling out of large regions of California, resulting in a crisis of insurance availability and affordability. The Insurance Commissioner’s office, county supervisors, and other regional politicians have been feeling enormous pressure to propose new regulations, but this could likely result in further retreat by insurers. Our solution, on the other hand, avoids the need for these kinds of new regulations: Delos alleviates consumers’ pain while also creating a market-driven avenue for insurers to continue offering coverage in these regions.

Besides Tom having these great professional and political relationships and a deep knowledge of insurance marketing, he also has a huge heart. He loves building strong personal ties to his communities, and has served on several school district Boards of Education and on boards and commissions for a number of art organizations. We feel truly fortunate to have him on our team!

Delos Team Highlight: Paul Thompson

Delos has been growing! We’ve added some outstanding talent to our team, and we’re excited to highlight them individually in a series of posts. Today, we’re pleased to introduce Paul Thompson, our Insurance Product Manager.

Paul Thompson headshot

We had the good luck of meeting Paul through an enthusiastic introduction via our Insurtech network. Right off the bat, Paul’s extensive experience in creating insurance products at large insurance carriers added invaluable knowledge and skill to the team. For the last few decades, Paul has led teams at Mercury, Farmers, Nationwide, Kemper and Progressive, focusing on all key drivers and management of profit and loss: product development, product actuarial and pricing, underwriting, capital management and reinsurance, and management where he built highly effective teams. He holds an MBA.

Paul also has been in the trenches as the industry moves into the digital age, both on the carrier side and the startup side. He led the business side implementation of technology platform transition at Mercury, which enabled more optimized operations and faster innovation. He’s also been involved in a number of startups and been an advisor/mentor in the Insurtech space.

Paul’s experience lines up amazingly well with Delos’ target market and products. He designed Mercury’s brush management underwriting model, and has first-hand insights about the various models used in the industry. He has managed teams that performed field Product Management and Research and Development for personal and commercial lines, and he did so primarily for California and western regional markets. This kind of specialized experience has proven essential in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that wildfire regions are facing.

Besides being exactly the well-rounded expert in P/C Insurance that Delos needed, he’s also an absolute pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t feel more fortunate to have him on the team!